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For years you’ve been told to eat your fruits and vegetables in order to be healthy, and now science is discovering why. Fruits, vegetables, and berries are important sources of antioxidants, which are showing great promise in the fight against aging and age-related diseases. Many of the conditions and ailments associated with aging happen at a genetic level. As our bodies age, they no longer heal and repair at the cellular level as well as they once did. With the combination of poor eating habits, stress, and environmental toxins, our cells are constantly being attacked by toxins known as free radicals.

Ironically, most of the free radicals attacking our cells from the inside come from a natural cause, eating. As the body metabolizes food, it breaks it down into individual components. Some of these components are free radicals, atoms that are missing an electron in their outer shell. These atoms attempt to stabilize by “stealing” an electron, typically from a healthy cell. As these free radicals scavenge your body for electrons, they damage cells and DNA. This natural process is called oxidation. This same oxidative process is what causes iron to rust when it comes in contact with water. Your cells are literally “rusting” away from the constant attack of these unstable free radicals.

Our bodies protect themselves with the antioxidants that we get from food. Antioxidants block the oxidation process by neutralizing these free radicals. The anti-oxidants give up the extra electron, thus preventing it from being taken from a healthy cell. As these anti-oxidants are used up in the process, there is a constant need to replenish the body’s antioxidant resources.

Your body can not make antioxidants, it relies on getting them from food and supplements. The antioxidants in food are typically found in the highest concentration in berries and fruit, but most people don’t consume nearly enough of these foods to adequately stock their antioxidant resources. Supplements can be used to provide your body with natural antioxidant sources to protect you from the effects of aging. Resveratrol, vitamins, A, C, and E, and proanthrocyanidins are just a few of the multitude of antioxidant supplements available without a prescription. The most effective antioxidant supplements are those that use natural sources, instead of synthetic vitamins, to derive their free-radical neutralizing ingredients.


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Antioxidant Products Review

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Proleva, Juvenon, Protandim, Microhydrin

As people search for ways to maintaining youth and vitality, much of the scientific research today focuses on the role antioxidants play in our longevity. While no magic bullet to halt the effects of aging exists, antioxidants have shown great promise in helping maintain vitality and health as we age. While aging is inevitable, the decline in health and energy is not necessarily so, and antioxidants may hold the key to solving some of the health problems associated with aging.

The following are the top rated products, based on staff and consumer comparison of 9 antioxidant supplements. Products are rated on guarantee (if any), pricing, ingredients, and user-reported results.

  The #1 rating went to Proleva. Proleva’s antioxidant blend is derived entirely from highly concentrated fruit and berry sources. Proleva contains no synthetic vitamins, and had the highest ORAC rating of products tested. Customer support and results were among the best.
$59.95 for 1 months supply.

5 star review

  Juvenon is a joint effort between the University of California and renowned biochemist Bruce Ames. Juvenon contains just two synthetic ingredients, acetyl L-carnitine and alpha lipoic acid. Juvenon is designed to prevent the decay of mitochondria in cells. It has shown encouraging result in laboratory tests, and is backed by a 30 day guarantee.
$39.95 for 1 month supply.

5 star review


Protandim is designed to decrease oxidative stress at the cellular level. Protandim is composed of 5 botanical extracts that are designed to stimulate the body’s own antioxidant defenses, instead of containing new antioxidants. Protandim does not provide any additional antioxidants, nor has it undergone any published scientific testing
$49.95 for 1 month supply.

4 star review

  Microhydrin is an antioxidant formula derived from silica hydride. The silica produces hydrogen ions that are designed to bond with free radicals. It is currently only available online. Microhydrin is a fairly new product that is relatively inexpensive.
$27.90 for 1 month supply.

3 star review


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Based on your submitted reviews and our staff's comparisons, the highest rating was awarded to Proleva, manufactured by Allmera Nutraceuticals. The service and results were the best in the opinions of our reviewers. They are also one of the only products to offer a 90 day Money Back Guarantee.

If you would like additional information on Proleva or would like to place an order directly from the manufacturer, you can visit them online by clicking Here.


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