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Hair Loss Supplements

You see and hear ads for herbal supplements to stop male hair loss and regrow hair everyday in the media.

How do they actually work? We are  here to explain:

"Male hair loss is caused by a chemical called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). A naturally occurring enzyme in your body called 5 alpha-reductase transforms the male hormone testosterone into DHT. DHT is the main cause of thinning hair and receding hairline in men.

Certain herbs and minerals, in the proper mixture, can bind with 5 alpha-reductase and block DHT formation. Supplements with the correct ingredients can halt the effects of DHT, and even assist in the regrowth of hair, particularly in men ages 18-40.

Many of the supplements on the market today lack some of these essential active ingredients to help stop hair loss and promote regrowth. Others require a prescription, or have potentially serious side effects.

It is important to find a product that is designed specifically for men (hair loss in women is caused by different factors). You should also look for a guarantee from the manufacturer ensuring your satisfaction with their product."

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Hair Loss Supplements Review

Compare Hair Loss Products:
Procerin, HairGenesis, Propecia, Avacor, Shen Min

There are many different formulas designed to treat and prevent male hair loss on the market today. The following data is compiled from independent research, your reviews, and the opinions and information gathered by our review staff.
  Our highest rating went to Procerin as the #1 hair loss treatment. Procerin received the highest rating from both our review staff and consumers. Its combination of results, price, and service were deemed the best of the herbal products on the market today. Procerinís benefits are greatest for younger men (18-35), and those whose hair is still in a growth phase. It is not suitable for women.
$69.95 for 3 month supply.

5 star review

  Hair Genesis is based upon a scientifically studied hypothesis and was developed by a hair restoration research expert. Dr. Geno Marcovici is the scientist primarily responsible for the development of the 3-part HairGenesis treatment line.
$194.99 for 3 month supply.

4 star review

  Clinical tests showed PROPECIA was very well tolerated. Only a very small number of men had sexual side effects, with each occurring in less than 2% of men. They included less desire for sex, difficulty in achieving an erection, and a decrease in the amount of semen. When the men who had these side effects stopped taking PROPECIA, the side effects went away. The only prescription medication with FDA approval for the treatment of MPB.
$229.00 for 3 month supply.

4 star review

  Revolutionary regrowth formulation to combat androgenetic alopecia for male pattern hair loss. Because male pattern hair loss accounts for the majority of all hair loss in the United States. Avocor has been sold in the U.S. since 1999.
$239.95 for 3 month supply.

4 star review


Overall Comparison

  Procerin HairGenesis Propecia


 Success Rate: 88% 85% 66% N/A
 Price (per 3 mo): $69.95 $194.99 $229.00 $239.95
 Reputation: good good excellent fair
 Support: great great good fair
 Guarantee: 90-days 90-days none none

Shipping Time:

 4 days  8 days N/A 14 days


  Procerin HairGenesis Propecia Avacor

 Total Score:

94 pts 88 pts

85 pts

78 pts

Our overall highest rating went to Procerin, manufactured by Speedwinds Nutrition. One of the newer products on the market, they have quickly proven to be one of the best. Procerin contains a high number of ingredients shown to be effective against DHT, and their price and service are among the best.

If you would like additional information on Procerin or would like to place an order directly from the manufacturer, you can visit them online at:

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